About Us

Coastguard North Shore is a group of passionate professional volunteers sharing the same desire to ensure no life is lost at sea. We’re proud to offer our community a ready response service to any on-water emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a complex array of equipment onboard, from the latest in navigational and safety equipment, through to medical, mechanical and retrieval gear, North Shore Rescue is extremely capable and ready to assist any boatie in need.

In 2019, the North Shore unit:
    • Remains the busiest rescue boat in the country
    • Has 59 active unit volunteers
    • Clocked up a staggering 4512 volunteers of on water hours
    • Responded to 199 calls for assistance
    • Rescued over 500 people and brought them home safely

Regular training ensures that our crews are ready to respond at any moment. Coastguard North Shore regularly assists with flat batteries and mechanical failures, through to the more serious medical events, fires, de-watering and searches. Our team has the needed skills to remain safe and offer an effective response to any event they may be required to attend.

Our Vessel

North Shore Rescue was launched in early 2017 after a detailed design and build process that took into consideration all the requirements a state of the art rescue vessel requires. Launched from her home in Browns Bay, North Shore Rescue is a purpose built 9.5m Quick Response Rescue Vessel (QRV) designed by De Villiers Yacht Design and built by AMF Boats.
North Shore Rescue is launched most Saturdays and Sundays from Browns Bay Beach between 9-10am. Come on down and see the boat head out for the day with the crew.

Here’s an inside look at the new North Shore Rescue shortly before she launched: